I provide the following services as a consultant:

  • Web application architecture, design, and implementation: I will organize your content, design detailed user flows, create site and application wireframes, skin the wireframes with consistent and modern visuals, and implement the frontend portions of the site using the appropriate technologies (no buzzwords or bullshit: I only use tools that are necessary for a specific project).
  • Application UI design: I will study your users' needs, specify the problems that need to be solved, narrow down the feature set, wireframe and create skins for your UI and provide them in any format convenient for implementation.
  • Brand identity: After analyzing your product and its intended audience, I will design a primary graphic identity (logo, colors, styles, fonts) and all assets associated with it (business cards, letterheads, landing pages, expo banners, slide templates, and so on). The process of designing the identity would be fully transparent, and will result in a brand book that will continue to grow and expand as the brand pursues new directions.
  • Graphic design: From posters to web page templates, any general design project is within my area of expertise. The more unusual and challenging the project's constraints are, the better.

Even if you do not see the exact description of your project above, if it is in the general space of frontend engineering and/or design, there's a good chance I can be of assistance. Contact me with details to find out.