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Website for the MIT Mystery Hunt.
Logo for UC Berkeley's Science Connections program.
Logo for UC Berkeley's Berkeley EDGE conference.
First version of Yahoo!'s YUI Library website.
Website for Steadfast Networks, a hosting provider.
T-shirt design for MIT Biomedical Engineering Society.
Logo for the University of California's Berkeley Science Network.
Website for UC Berkeley's Compass Project.
Business cards for Big Apple Educational Center.
Website for Yahoo!'s YUI frontend Library.
Cover design for a book on SHSAT preparation.
Logo for the Prestige restaurant.
Label for a boutique San Francisco honey brand.
Illustration for MIT's Baker House
Logo for CrowdsUnite, a crowdfunding portal.
T-shirt design for UC Berkeley's Compass Project
Poster for a Douglas Crockford lecture series.
T-shirt design for UC Berkeley's Compass Project
CD design for MIT Logarhythms
Poster for Yahoo! User Interface Conference
T-shirt design for Yahoo! User Interface library
Photo Gallerea app for MIT Media Lab
Poster for UC Berkeley's Compass Lectures series.